Frequently Answered Questions

When is Registration?
Fall Registration will open on Sunday, July 25, 2021.  Spring registration will open in February 2022.

Is Burrell Baseball affiliated with any other organization?
Our regular season is through Lower Burrell Little League, Inc and we follow all guidelines and regulations of Little League for league ages 12 and under. This means you must fit into the age and eligibility guidelines to participate associated with Little League International/ages.  13+teams participate in the Allegheny River League which is a Pony affiliated league.

What are the residency restrictions?
You must reside within the boundaries of Lower Burrell Little League to participate in our regular season and tournament teams.  This includes all of Lower Burrell, Upper Burrell, and a small portion of New Kensington and Allegheny Township.  You can enter your address at to see our league area.  Also, our registration system will check your eligibility and notify you if you reside outside our boundaries.  Any child who attends school within our league boundaries is also eligible, regardless of your residence. 
Fall Ball is a separate event organized through Burrell Baseball Association and is not restricted to an area of residence.  

What age must my child be?
We have programs for "League-Age" 5 to 14 and may be offering programs up to 16 depending on availability.
A child must turn 5 by August 31, 2017 to be eligible to play this year
Due to league-age changes for children born before 2005, different cutoff dates are used for older players. To calculate your childs "league age" for the spring season, go to

Does my child have to play Tball if he is 5 or 6?
ALL children league age 5 (birthdates Sept 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012) must play Tball.
For league age 6 (birthdates September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011) children must have played in LITTLE LEAGUE Tball last year to be eligible to play Coach Pitch.  Playing for another organization such as YMCA Tball does not count (this is a requirement of Little League, Inc.)

When will the season start and finish?
Practices will start in early April (late March if weather allows).
Games will start in the end of April or early May and continue until the end of June.  Players should be available until June 30th. 
If participating in a tournament team, you should be available throughout July. 

What equipment does my child need?
You will need a glove and should have baseball shoes.  Most children have their own helmet, but each manager will have helmets available for the team.  Bats are not provided, but those players with bats should share amongst the team.
Every child receives a uniform shirt and hat.  Players in the Minors division and older for the regular seaason will receive pants, belt, and socks. 

Where are practices and games?
Practices and games are mostly at ABC fields in Lower Burrell.  Practices in April may occur at other sites in Lower Burrell.  Some age groups will have some travel to nearby towns (such as Freeport, Highlands, Leechburg, Apollo, Deer Lakes, etc). 

When are practices and games?
Practices and games are not on a set day of the week and could differ from week to week.  Weeknight practices are typically at 5:30 pm or 6pm. Games also will start at either 5:30pm or 6pm.   On weekends, most games will occur on Saturdays but the times are variable.  There could rarely be a game on a Sunday if needed due to rain.  Tournament teams will frequently practice on Sundays and tournament games will be primarily on weekends. 

What are tournament teams?
Tournament teams are created to provide players the opportunity for additional practices, games, and more competitive baseball.  In general, players will try out for a tournament team.  You should be available throughout April, May, June, and July if you intend to participate in at Tournament team.  Additional costs and fundraiser applies.  Expect $100 for costs/fundraiser plus approximately $25 per player for each tournament that is entered. 

What are the age groups for tournament teams?
Depending on interest an availability, we try to have teams for each age- 7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12.  If possibly, we will create teams for 13 and 14 as well. The age cutoff for tournament teams is based on May 1st, so the "league age" of younger players may not match their tournament age. 

What is a Field Maintenance Fee?
All of our field maintenance, including cutting grass, is done via volunteers.  We rely on the work of league members to keep up with this.  We ask for a 2 hour commitment per family either on one of our Field Work Days or another time. 
Each Family will submit a check to Burrell Baseball Association in the amount of $75. Phone number must be on check. Checks will be held onto by field director. Each family is to complete 2 hours of volunteer work or complete a project assigned by Field Director. Once the Field Director confirms the 2 hours of volunteer work or completion of assigned project the check will be returned. If at the end of the season a family has not completed their 2 hours of volunteer work or a project, the the check will be cashed. 

What background checks are done for coaches and managers?
Please see the Background Check tab on the left side of our homepage.  All volunteers must submit Child Abuse and State Police clearances.  We also complete a backgound check through Little League, Inc. 







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